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Our consumer credit reporting services are services where we give you credit information about
individuals, such as our consumer credit reports and Alert monitors. Our other services
include our verification services, third party information services.

If you wish to use our consumer credit reporting services please indicate your reason(s) for use. Multiple selections are allowed. These grounds apply to your business activities and the corresponding purpose that you will use our consumer credit reporting services for. We are only able to allow you to use the consumer credit reporting services under the grounds and for the purpose that apply to you.

(State a purpose under Rule 11 of the code. (Government Agency / department number etc. must be provided if relevant) Download a copy of the Code from

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* We, the company named above / I, the individual / sole trader name above understand that Equifax is asking
for information about me / us so as to use its credit reporting service to credit check me / my company / agency.

  • You will use the information about me / my company for that purpose.
  • You will hold that information on your systems and use it to provide your credit reporting service.
  • When your other customers use the credit reporting service, you may give the information to those customers.
  • You may use your credit reporting services in the future for purposes related to the provision of credit to me / my company.
  • This may include using your monitoring services to receive alerts if any of the information held about me / my company changes (this includes updates and new records).
  • If I / my company defaults in payment obligations to you, you may give information about me / my company default to your other customers.

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  • No Credits
  • Additional terms and conditions around Direct Debit payment behaviour

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Your bank account will be debited on the 20th of each month to take effect immediately after your subscription application has been approved.

* I authorise Equifax using Authorisation Code [0618616],
until further notice in writing to debit my / our account with all amounts the initiator may initiate by Direct Debit.

Should you wish to dispute any Direct Debit(s) initiated upon your nominated account within 9 months of the first Direct Debit, then we as the initiator must produce evidence of your instructions and confirmation within ten business days. If we fail to do so, then your Bank may reverse the Direct Debit(s). if you are not satisfied that the instructions you have given authorise us to direct debit your nominated account, your Bank may reverse the Direct Debit(s).

* I confirm I have sole authority over the bank account nominated above. (NB: sole authority is defined as any one person who is a nominated account signatory that can operate the account alone, as per the account mandate instructions. This can apply to joint accounts, please check with your Bank if necessary).

* I acknowledge and authorise my Bank to accept these instructions only upon the conditions found in the Equifax Subscriptions Terms and Conditions.


  (Ts and Cs found here)

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